Newbridge Place


  •   Furnished, private rooms
  •  24 hours supervision
  •  3 meals a day – special diet accommodation is available
  •  Transportation to medical appointments, shopping,  church, and activities
  •  Laundry and housekeeping as needed-Personal care is available
  •  Supervision of self administering medications
  •  Monitoring vital signs
  •  Leisure activities, special events
  •  Substance abuse control and management
  •  Wheelchair accessible facility
  •  Security by monitored fire alarm system and sprinklers       


Majority of Newbridge Place's residents are veterans with service connected disabilities. Due to the current state of our economy, we are seeing a rise in the number of individuals needing mental health care. Some of these individuals are veterans who fought for our country, our neighbors, co-workers and possibly family members; individuals of all socioeconomic backgrounds are affected.  Newbridge Place increasingly involves its residents in caring for their community, as well as engages the community in better understanding and supporting people with mental illness. 

Newbridge Place has a home-like atmosphere with fifteen private roomsOur thirteen staff members provide excellent care and a great amount of individual attention. Each day we serve delicious homemade soups and well balanced meals. We also have a wellness program to encourage a healthier lifestyle. Our in house work program was created to increase our clients' self confidence. Newbridge Place believes that most of the residents who experienced decreased symptoms of their mental illness, decreased hospitalizations, increased self-esteem and self-determination achieved their results due to the unique individual attention, structured activities and skill building groups they have participated in. 

We tailor our services to the individual needs of our residents. For that reason we offer different levels of care and services.


Newbridge Place is now offering semi-independent living for those who require less supervision but cannot manage living on their own. Our semi-independent suites have private entrances private baths and  kitchenettes. Services such as meals, housekeeping, laundry, transportation and activities are provided as needed. Supervision of self administering medication is a requirement to stay in the program. Residents are encouraged to work part-time or volunteer in the community. Call for program guidelines.

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