Upcoming Events

Christmas Open House


Our first upcoming fundraiser is organized by one of our board members. The December 2nd Christmas Open House is a closed, by invitation only event. However, the goal is to raise money for a new vehicle for Newbridge Veterans Place. All donations are appreciated.

Bunny Express and Egg Hunt

Our second upcoming fundraiser will be held on March 31 at Ohio Station Outlets all day long. Newbridge is the benefactor of the 2018 Bunny Express and Egg Hunt  event.  Newbridge Place will receive $1 from each ticket sales for every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm and 5pm the whole month of March, including Friday March 30th. The day of the egg hunt, March 31st between 9 am and 7 pm the mall will also donate 15% of food sales for customers with tickets for the bunny express. There will be gift baskets to raffle off to raise additional funds for Newbridge Place. Please come and support our cause.

Medina Eagles Dinner Fundraiser

The third upcoming fundraiser will be held by the Medina Eagles in the spring of 2018. It will be a lunch and dinner event with a band playing. The date is not set yet, please check back in the spring for  more details.