Newbridge Place

About Newbridge Place

About Newbridge Place

About Newbridge Place


Newbridge Place initiated services in 2004 with a mission is to improve the quality of its residents’ life by providing a safe, clean, and friendly living environment as well as leisure activities designed to improve the client’s mental, physical, and social well-being. 

Newbridge Place is governed by a dedicated Board of Directors and supported by a caring Advisory Board.

Newbridge Place is licensed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health as well as certified for the Veteran's Affairs' Community Residential Care and Medical Foster Care program. 

Services Provided

About Newbridge Place

About Newbridge Place


 · Furnished, private rooms  (one shared room), all wheelchair accessible

· 24 hours supervision 

· 3 meals a day with special diet accommodations 

· Transportation to medical appointments, shopping, church, and activities 

· Personal care available with laundry and housekeeping as needed 

· Supervision of self-administering medications  

· Monitoring vital signs

· Leisure activities, special events 

· Substance abuse control and management 

· Work Program, assistance achieving independent living  


About Newbridge Place



Newbridge Place is located in Lodi, Ohio, about 40 miles south of Cleveland, 30 miles east of Akron, and easily accessible from I-71 and I-76.  Newbridge Place has a home-like atmosphere with fourteen private rooms, and one shared room, housing both veterans and non-veterans, both males and females. The facility is wheelchair accessible, and has a private backyard. Our fourteen staff members provide excellent care and a great amount of individual attention. Each day we serve delicious homemade soups and well balanced meals. We also have a wellness program to encourage a healthier lifestyle. We tailor our services to the individual needs of our residents, and thus offer different levels of care and services.      


Organizational Chart



Newbridge Place holds regular fundraisers to support a wide variety of activities. The residents go to the nearest recreation center daily, and also complete in-house exercises. Once a week, residents go on a shopping trip to Walmart. Since Newbridge Place is situated close to shopping and downtown Lodi, many residents go for walks locally. On Fridays we organize day trips to interesting places, including a lunch out. Two or three times a year a few residents go on longer trips out of state: past trips have included places  such  as Orlando, Williamsburg, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Nashville, Niagara Falls, etc. 

In addition, residents organized a Resident Council that meets quarterly to provide valuable input and ideas to improve resident life.


Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart


  IMAGINE a life where a single major life trauma, a brain injury or a mental breakdown prevents you from having a job, pursuing an education, having the ability to remember how to make meals or pay your bills, having the motivation to socialize with friends and family, or even just getting out of bed. Imagine becoming homeless because mental illness robbed you off the power to keep your life together; and then imagine what it feels like to be stigmatized and often criminalized because of your diagnosis. 

We need to find ways to enable every human being suffering from mental illness to gain access to affordable services that lead to recovery and the housing they need, - so that they are not chronically in that situation.    

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart



Jennifer Berlyoung – President of the Board  

Debra Beckstett – Secretary Treasurer   

Kristin Granakis – Board Member

Michelle Evans - Board Member

Joe Lattanzio - Board Members



Jane Norton  

Janine Dalton


Erzsebet Mikita   


Deborah Brown   

Newbridge Place has 14 employees